One Pot Sardine Rice

One Pot Sardine Rice
Product Used for the Recipe
Seri-Aji® Kampung Style Fried Rice Recipes
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5 Servings
30 minutes
Recipe Description

Easy to make rice recipe combination with fish and vegetables. The delicious taste of rice with hint of chili is favored by those who enjoy a little spicy.

3 Sardine fish meat, diced
1 cpacket SERI-AJI® Kampung Fried Rice Seasoning 26g
2 tsp Cooking oil
4 cloves Garlic, sliced
1 Red chilli, sliced
2 cup Water
1 ½ cup Rice grain, washed
100g Baby pak choy, cut
2 stalk Spring onion
  1. Season sardine fish with 1 tbsp of SERI-AJI® Kampung Fried Rice Seasoning.
  2. Heat the cooking oil, fried the fish and set aside.
  3. Saute the garlic and red chili.
  4. Add in water, rice and season with remaining of SERI-AJI® Kampung Fried Rice Seasoning.
  5. Add in rice grain into rice cooker, arrange the sardine and let the rice cook.
  6. Add pak choy and close the lid for 10 minute.
  7. Sprinkle spring onion and ready to serve.
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