Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Cook for Family


​Breakfast has always been an essential meal of the day. A lot of people take longer to cook a morning meal because they don’t know how to prepare a quick and easy yet delicious breakfast. If you’re looking for some new and simple ideas for what to eat in the morning, save this list of recipes!


1. Seri-Aji Prawn Fritter


Seri-Aji Prawn Fritter


Get ready to start your day with a bowl of Crispy Prawn Fritters! This is a popular dish in the South East Asian growth triangle of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The recipe is quite simple and straightforward. Using just a few ingredients which you most likely already have in your kitchen, the rest is just mixing and frying! The crispy batter is made from mixing the Seri-Aji® Fritter Seasoned Flour (link to the recipes of this product), prawns, red onions and then deep-fried in oil. For more fritter recipes, click here or visit our website!


2. Chicken Rendang


Classic Chicken Rendang

Chicken rendang is a traditional dish that originated from Indonesia but they are very popular and well-loved by many in Malaysia. The mouth-watering recipe is a curry-like dish where pieces of chicken are cooked with coconut milk and a healthy amount of spices such as lemongrass stalks, turmeric root, galangal root and garlic cloves. This dish will often be cooked for a longer period of time to tenderise the meat. Our secret ingredient in making it more flavourful is by mixing the TUMIX® Chicken Stock (link to the recipes of this product). Chicken Rendang has become one of the most popular dishes in Malaysia because it can last for a longer period of time and is a very filling meal! This dish is usually served during special occasions but is also a very popular breakfast as it can be accompanied with many other Malaysian favourites such as the Nasi Lemak.


3. Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken


Crispy Fried Chicken


Start your day right with a high-protein meal that will keep you full throughout the day. Try making the Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken for a protein fuelled morning! The idea of a fried chicken breakfast has been around for years, but it has been loved by many people for its crispy, crunchy and juicy goodness. The process of making Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken is quite simple. It starts with the chicken and cutting it into small pieces. This cuts down on cooking time, which makes it more efficient to cook the larger amounts of food that are needed. Next, the chicken pieces are dipped in SERI-AJI® Spicy Seasoned Flour (link to the recipes of this product) mixture with cold water before being fried in hot oil.


4. Nasi Lemak


Nasi Lemak


A day in the life of a Malaysian or those visiting Malaysia is not complete without tasting the Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak is a popular Malaysian dish that is often eaten for breakfast, and even lunch and dinner! You can’t go wrong with this versatile and fragrant dish in Malaysia. Nasi lemak is an easy dish to prepare at home because it doesn’t require too many ingredients. It requires rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, served with hardboiled egg, deep-fried ikan bilis (anchovies), sliced cucumbers and fried peanuts with spicy sambal paste on the side. The best part of eating this dish is probably the versatility of the dish where you can add fried chicken, or enhance the spiciness of the sambal to your liking. With the use of AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning (link to the recipes of this product), the flavour of this dish is taken to a whole new level.


5. Omelette



The reasons for the popularity of omelettes are their taste, simplicity of preparation, and versatility. Omelettes are a perfect breakfast food for people who lead busy lives. Just throw in your ingredients and fry them up! An omelette is generally made up of eggs, combined with some form of vegetables and then cooked in a frying pan with oil or even butter. The eggs are whipped together to make them fluffier before they are combined with the filling. Our omelette recipe can be served in minutes and is further enhanced with the use of SERI-AJI® Anchovy Flavoured Fried Rice Seasoning (link to the recipes of this product). The high-quality and good ingredients are what makes the difference with this dish. They are not only easy to prepare but are also healthy and contain many nutrients that can fuel your body and brain during the day. The recipe combination may sound strange but try it for yourself and see how much you’ll like it!


More Easy and Simple Healthy Breakfast Recipes


There's no doubt that a healthy, filling breakfast is the way to start off your busy mornings right. With plenty of nutritious and delicious meals to choose from, there's something for everyone.

Be sure to get the whole family involved in making these delicious foods, it'll make for a more enjoyable experience for all! Don't forget to browse more recipes if you need further inspiration!