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The Ajinomoto Group continues to contribute to the development of sports nutrition in Japan since 2003 through Victory Project®. Victory Project® supports activities by providing guidance on sport nutrition and amino acid conditioning for top endurance athletes at international tournaments. The Ajinomoto Group expands this initiative to other ASEAN countries through the ASEAN Victory Project®, which involves Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad.

The Ajinomoto Group continues with the efforts to promote healthy living through products innovation and diversification for more than a century. For example, amino VITAL™, a branched-chain amino acids sports drinks product and it is the only jelly drink with amino acids in Malaysia.

It is the Ajinomoto Group’s initiative to provide health support through our speciality in Amino Science and to build a healthier society by helping people to eat well.

In the Ajinomoto Group, Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad expands its support in sports nutrition, to further contribute to the advances in “food” and “health” for the general public as well as for local athletes in the near future.

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Sports Nutrition Awareness Project

In 2023, Ajinomoto (M) Berhad (AMB) expanded the “Sports Nutrition Awareness Project” to Sabah Malaysian Sports School (SSMS).

The Project was initiated with Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) in 2019 through unwavering support from the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and expanded to Malaysia Pahang Sports School (SSMP) in 2022.

To follow the fundamental objective of the Project, which is to educate and increase awareness among student athletes on the importance of sports nutrition, a series of programs such as educational talks, Winning Meals Kachimeshi® serving, posters and digital portal information sharing are conducted in SSMS, SSMP and BJSS.

The ultimate goal of the Project is to contribute to the well-being of student athletes in achieving “VICTORY”.

It is hoped that through this collaboration between the MOE, national sports schools and AMB, the Project will continue to benefit more student athletes for their balanced diet and healthy dietary intake.

The project was witnessed by VIPs from MOE, management team from SSMS and AMB
The project was witnessed by VIPs from MOE, management team from SSMS and AMB
Educational talk conducted by the nutritionist
Student athletes were active and willing to answer quiz during Educational Talk
Information portal at the school cafeteria
Information corner in the school cafeteria
Information portal in the school cafeteria
Student athletes queuing for the complete balanced set lunch
Student athletes are enjoying the nutritious balanced set lunch
Student athletes are enjoying the nutritious balanced set lunch
Winning Meals Kachimeshi® Program

About the Winning Meals Kachimeshi® Program


In expanding Ajinomoto Co. Inc. 's (Ajinomoto Co.) expertise in amino acids in the area of sports nutrition, Ajinomoto’s Winning Meal Kachimeshi® program under Victory Project was introduced in 2003. Ajinomoto Co. collaborated with the Japan Sports Council and Japanese Olympic Committee in a conditioning support program to improve the international competitiveness of Japanese athletes with nutritious meals and amino acids. The Victory Project has benefitted the top Japanese athletes in producing outstanding results and achieving victory in local as well as international tournaments.




Now, the idea of this sports nutrition program was extended to Malaysia through the ASEAN Victory Project by collaborating with Malaysian top national athletes and national sports schools in pursuing victory for the pride of Malaysia.

The concept of the Winning Meals Kachimeshi® program is to support the winning sport performance of the athletes through proper nutrition and amino acids supplementation.


What is Winning Meals Kachimeshi®




In Japan, Kachimeshi which means “Winning Meals” is a sports nutrition program that supports the conditioning and body-building of top-level athletes using the power of amino acids to optimise muscle protein synthesis.

Winning Meals Kachimeshi® provides athletes and active individuals with nutritious yet delicious balanced meals in order to maximise their muscle mass and body's performance during training sessions and tournaments.


Basic Concept of Winning Meals Kachimeshi®


This nutrition program highlights the body ​​weight requirement of necessary nutrition according to “What to eat for” (What do I eat for?), NOT “What to eat” (What do I eat?).

3 balanced meals per day together with 1 snack as a supplement are taken at an appropriate time to make possible the goals of athletes.


Technique of Winning Meals Kachimeshi®


The Winning Meals Kachimeshi® emphasises the importance of obtaining nutrition in good balance to make, move and arrange the body.




The 5-Circle Strategy is the easiest way to prepare a well-balanced set meal for athletes and this is the Basic Set-Up of Winning Meals Kachimeshi®.




The Key Points of Winning Meals Kachimeshi® Menu


There are three key points to practice Winning Meals Kachimeshi®




It is recommended to eat soup equipped with delicious umami amino acids at the beginning of a meal.






Start your healthy lifestyle and enjoy the Winning Meals Kachimeshi® during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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