Ajinomoto (M) Berhad Launches All-in-one Smart Cooking Website

Ajinomoto (M) Berhad Launches All-in-one Smart Cooking Website

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 DECEMBER 2023 –  Ajinomoto (M) Berhad has launched a user-friendly all-in-one Smart Cooking Website, catering to both experienced cooks and kitchen novices. This platform simplifies the cooking process and offers a world of exciting culinary possibilities.

The Smart Cooking Website is a comprehensive platform, providing over 100 healthy, delicious, and creative recipes from various cuisines and festivities, available in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Mandarin. You can easily select and customize your dish based on your preferred ingredients, methods, mastery level, cooking duration, and serving size. Our smart system will automatically calculate the exact ingredient portions for you.

It's convenient and inspiring to prepare well-balanced meals for your family while reducing food waste. In a world where sustainability and efficient resource utilization are increasingly important, minimizing food waste has become a top priority for many households.

Additionally, by becoming a member, you can enjoy various privileges, including accumulating points with every interaction on the website and exchanging them for exclusive gift boxes. Moreover, you can now purchase Ajinomoto products directly from our website. This development allows you to easily browse and select your favourite Ajinomoto products from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Ajinomoto (M) Berhad Launches All-in-one Smart Cooking Website

With this innovative approach, Ajinomoto (M) Berhad aims to revolutionize your culinary journey, providing a convenient and seamless experience through our new website and products. Here, every dish is an expression of love, and every shared moment becomes an everlasting memory, helping you realize the motto "Eat Well, Live Well."

For more information, please visit the Smart Cooking website at www.smartcooking.com.my or the Ajinomoto Malaysia website at www.ajinomoto.com.my.

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