Introducing HALAL “Ajinomoto Gyoza”: Your Gateway to Authentic Japanese Delights!

Ajinomoto Gyoza

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 November 2023 – Ajinomoto (M) Berhad (AMB), a trusted name in culinary excellence, is thrilled to introduce “Ajinomoto Gyoza”, Japan's Number 1 brand. It is an authentic Japanese-style Gyoza that promises to tantalise your taste buds with a perfect blend of succulent chicken meat and delectable vegetables encased in a thin, crispy skin through pan-frying.

“Ajinomoto Gyoza” is renowned for its convenience and unbeatable taste, standing out with its overwhelming deliciousness as authentic Japanese Gyoza (compared to Gyoza of other existing brands in the market). The great news is that it is Halal certified by JAKIM, ensuring that everyone can savour its deliciousness. This Halal certified Gyoza, launched by AMB, further solidifies their status as a trusted Halal food company.

This culinary gem is not just a meal; it is an experience tailored to delight not only the palates of food service connoisseurs and the discerning clientele of Japanese restaurants, but also the homes of those who appreciate the captivating flavours of Japan.

Enjoy your Gyoza in various ways! Whether you prefer to deep-fry, boil, or pan-fry, the “Ajinomoto Gyoza” is your passport to culinary bliss. This product is quick and easy to prepare, with a cooking time of only 5 minutes, using simple ingredients like oil and water. For the ultimate indulgence, we recommend the pan-frying method as it is an authentic Japanese Gyoza cooking method. Remember to follow the cooking instructions on the packaging for the best results. 

Discover the mouth-watering delight of “Ajinomoto Gyoza” at the nearest Jaya Grocer and Don Don Donki outlets.

With this innovative development, AMB aims to revolutionise the way you embark on your culinary journey, providing a convenient and easy experience with our new products, where every dish is an expression of love, and every shared moment becomes an everlasting memory, helping you realise the motto "Eat Well, Live Well."

For more information, please visit the Ajinomoto Malaysia website at Be sure to follow Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad’s Social media pages @myajinomoto on Facebook and Instagram for updates on upcoming news and events!

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