Crispy Milky Block

Crispy Milky Block
30 minutes
10 blocks
Recipe Description

Crispy outer and creamy yet soft inner texture a scrumptious dessert to enjoy after meal.

200 ml Full cream milk
200 g Corn flour
150 g SERI-AJI® Banana Fritter Flour
2 nos Eggs, beaten
300 g Bread crumbs (orange colour)
Enough Cooking oil, for frying

Ingredients A:

800 ml Full cream milk
160 g Condensed milk
60 g Sugar
  1. Combine full cream milk and corn flour. Mix well and set aside.
  2. Pour ingredients (A) in a pot and place under medium heat, stir until sugar dissolved. 
  3. Turn to low heat, slowly add in the mixture of full cream milk and corn flour while stirring. Stir continuously until it thickens and forms smooth paste. 
  4. Pour the milk paste in a mould, let it cool to room temperature and refrigerate it in chiller for 2 hours to solidify into a milk block.
  5. After that cut the milk block to 2½ inches rectangle.
  6. Coat the milk block with SERI-AJI® Banana Fritter Flour, followed by beaten egg then bread crumbs. 
  7. Pre-heat the cooking oil to 80°C, deep-fry the milk blocks until golden and crispy. Ready to serve.
  1. Make sure the temperature is low, estimated 50-60˚ C when adding full cream with corn flour mixture into the pot, to avoid it becomes lumpy.
  2. Refrigerate and solidify the milk block in a chiller, not freezer.
  3. Control the cooking oil temperature around 80°C during deep-frying. If the temperature is too low, bread crumbs coating tends to absorb excessive oil; In contrary, when the temperature is too high, the bread crumbs will burn easily. 
Product Used
Product Used for the Recipe
Seri-Aji® Banana Fritter Flour
Seri-Aji® Banana Fritter Flour
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