Homemade Chicken Nugget

Homemade Chicken Nugget
1 hour
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Recipe Description

Kids like to eat snacks, especially chicken nuggets. You can make your own tasty and nutritious chicken nuggets using this simple recipe. Delicious to eat on its own or dipped in your favourite sauce.

1 packet Seri-Aji® Fritter Seasoned Flour 225g
260 ml Water
400 g Chicken breast, cut into cubes
1 clove   Garlic
1 no Shallot
50 g Carrot, cut into cubes
50 g Broccoli, cut into cubes
1 no Egg
Enough Cooking oil
  1. Mix 180g of Seri-Aji® Tepung Goreng Cucur with 260ml water, mix well and keep the batter aside. 
  2. Put chicken breast, garlic, shallot, carrot, broccoli, egg in a food processor, together with remaining 45g of Seri-Aji® Tepung Goreng Cucur. Grind until well-grounded.
  3. Pour the mixture in a container estimate 1 inch-thick and steam for 20 minutes.
  4. Let it cool and cut into a desired shape using shape cutter mould. 
  5. Dip into Seri-Aji® Tepung Goreng Cucur batter and deep fry until golden.
Product Used
Product Used for the Recipe
Seri-Aji® Fritter Seasoned Flour
Seri-Aji® Fritter Seasoned Flour
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